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M/s PECL has supplied and installed MV panels with us for various Vodafone MSC sites and we recommend them for their service, technical expertise and quality.

Gayatri Elechmech

Peaton Electrical Company LTD. offers on-demand low voltage panels composed of market-leading technology and advanced applications, connecting automation and power for industrial usage. Being the largest low-voltage panel manufacturer in the industry, we offer unmatched domain expertise assembled with regional support. Peaton is your local power partner!

The full range of LT Switch Boardfrom Peaton Electrical offers full-proof reliability, security and effective solutions for various electrical distribution applications. From installation, designating to life cycle support and maintenance – Peaton harbors your back! 

Our products and solution service keeps our clients satisfied with the highest level of safe and cogent electrical system installations. With millions of steep areas currently installed globally, we have positioned our portfolio of installing low voltage panels to fulfil your project prerequisites.


In general, Low Voltage Panel switchboard comprises switches, HRC fuses, low voltage circuit breakers, offload electrical isolators, MCCB, MCB, earth leakage circuit breakers, etc. These components are primarily responsible for protecting the entire lower voltage system as a whole. 

It’s a metal-enclosed panel system, a three-phase power distribution product to supply electronic power safely and reliably up to 6,000 amps. One can always find Low-voltage switchgear on the low voltage side of a power distribution transformer.

LV or low voltage electricity means electrical power at a voltage exceeding 115 Volt DC or 32 Volt AC but not more than 1500 Volt DC or 1000 Volt AC. While working on LV panel installation, it’s vital to comply with the building’s code of practice for the technical person.


We assert to harbor our name as India’s leading MV & LT Panel Boards, Process Instrumentation Panels manufacturing company and aligned our name by delivering a complete spectrum of energy & control board.

  • Reliable & durable
  • Designed with high-edge raw materials
  • Comes at handy prices
  • Provide utmost performance



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In-house short circuit testing:

From 100KA, 65KA, 4000A to 6000A short circuits - all circuits and panels undergo a thorough trial and testing process executed by our experts. Our company regularly obtains innovation to persist the trail to adjoin new peaks.

Prompt Facility @ Competitive Price:

Get easy and prompt electrical instruments testing; installation, commissioning, and fabrication at unparalleled worth substantiated through primordial design techniques.

Innovative design Management:

Being a professionally managed manufacturing firm, Peaton designs and delivers AutoCAD installation with innovative and futuristic designs executed by a highly proficient technical team. We keep incorporating new ideas into the panel productions process depending on the requirement.

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Sense of Creativity

We bring our diverse background of rendering pioneering technology with automated solutions to work for your guild.

Treasured Pricing

We are masters at offering industrial electrical solutions at competitive prices – no more unexpected expenses or surprise bills!

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Our company comprises industry specialists that hail from eclectic backgrounds. So, our first- class staff support never gets derailed.

Revolutionary designs

We engineer innovative, out-of-ordinary designs and user-friendly systems that enrich the core strength of our alliance.