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M/s PECL has supplied and installed MV panels with us for various Vodafone MSC sites and we recommend them for their service, technical expertise and quality.

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Being one of the widespread and most used products listed in the Peaton Electricals catalog, Sandwich type compact busways drive a gigantic surge in the market amongst industrial consumers. We don’t just claim but actually offer the industry best Sandwich Type Compact Busways attributed to its vying value and unparalleled quality.

Exceptional electrical spares and high-quality materials are our niches. And that’s what makes us excellent in this domain. We have applied widely available electrical setup to coordinate and control electrical supply to other instrumentation efficiently and safely. Moreover, the unusual design of Peaton Electrical Company enables customers to operate the power from panels to multifarious floors of the building. Besides, our professional team stamps guarantee on our Fire Fighting Control Panel and processes using multiple quality checkpoints to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We are proud to say that we are the Sandwich Busway manufacturers & suppliers in India. We come with a range of advantages such as high-grade insulation, tough construction, and excellent electrical conductivity. Moreover, it is equipped with overload protection which helps in preventing short circuits. Additionally, it offers complete protection against dust and moisture along with the added benefit of proper ventilation. All this makes our Sandwich Type Compact Busways an ideal choice for industrial applications.

At Peaton Electricals, we have a wide range of Sandwich Type Compact Busways to suit your needs and budget. Our products are designed to ensure complete safety and reliability, making them the best in their category. Also, all our busways have been tested extensively for quality assurance before being shipped to customers. Furthermore, we provide technical support and after-sales services to ensure that you get the best out of our products.

We offer top-notch products at a cost-effective rate and aim to provide our customers with the best quality of products available in the market. So, if you are looking for an efficient yet reliable Sandwich Type Compact Busways provider in India, look no further than Peaton Electricals!


Yes, they do. Unlike other panels or systems, Sandwich Type Compact Busways ensures

  • LV drop,
  • Save space
  • Reliability
  • Long-term mechanical strengths
  • Higher product life
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Reusability & Upgradeability
  • Easy to install, so on.

Additionally, these busways also deliver an aesthetical appearance once installed.

Installation of any electrical panels and boards can be strenuous and time-wrenching. The entire process involves technical tribulations and demands you to hold apt proficiency, engineering skills, knowledge and expertise. We recommend consulting an expert for call-to-action to avoid unwanted mishaps and smooth Sandwich Type Compact Busways installation.

Presently, busways are getting utilized in a myriad of areas and applications requiring HV and LV power distribution. You can use busways, including workshops, stations, warehouses and factories, data centers, assembly lines, supermarkets, parks and gardens, rack servers, etc.


We assert to harbor our name as India’s leading MV & LT Panel Boards, Process Instrumentation Panels manufacturing company and aligned our name by delivering a complete spectrum of energy & control board.

  • Reliable & durable
  • Designed with high-edge raw materials
  • Comes at handy prices
  • Provide utmost performance



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In-house short circuit testing:

From 100KA, 65KA, 4000A to 6000A short circuits - all circuits and panels undergo a thorough trial and testing process executed by our experts. Our company regularly obtains innovation to persist the trail to adjoin new peaks.

Prompt Facility @ Competitive Price:

Get easy and prompt electrical instruments testing; installation, commissioning, and fabrication at unparalleled worth substantiated through primordial design techniques.

Innovative design Management:

Being a professionally managed manufacturing firm, Peaton designs and delivers AutoCAD installation with innovative and futuristic designs executed by a highly proficient technical team. We keep incorporating new ideas into the panel productions process depending on the requirement.

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