Energy Management

We care for the environment and offer high-tech electrical grids to optimise system performance.

Dynamic Solutions

The entire Peaton team work side by side to accelerate the execution of vigorous electrical solutions.

Power Quality

Our expert technicians ensure the quality of the voltage with continuity of power supply.                        

Relentless Support

With a team of skilled technical specialists, we are just a call away from professional assistance.

Security & Access

We have integrated our expertise & professionalism to enhance a safe, hands-on approach.

Competency in Design

Our team of strong & specialised people connects easily with clients and delivers unparalleled designs.


Peaton Electrical Company LTD. is a leading global electronic panel manufacturing company that energizes the commercial industry and society through Fire Fighting Control Panel and MV & LT Panel Boards to achieve a more sustainable and productive future. With a history of professionalism and excellence, we continued to stretch the number of satisfied customers across India and the global ground.

By formulating panels, bus ducts, MCC to substations, Peaton pushes the technical boundaries to drive the production process to a whole new level. All it took was a few years of eminence and a team of spirited folks to pilot the fame!

With quality Panels, Bus ducts, Transformers & prompt services, we strive to acquire great credibility among international clientele & offer professional turnkey solutions for energy panels.

Peaton Electrical Company Limited is a leading Indian electrical panel manufacturing company that provides all-round power distribution solutions to various Commercial, Industrial & Government Sectors through their exhaustive product range of Medium & Low Voltage Panels such as Motor Control Center, Power Control Center, PLC based Panels, Auto Synchronizing Panels, APFCR Panel, Feeder pillars, Distribution Boards to name a few, Unitized/Compact Sub-Stations and Conventional & Sandwich Busducts. With a history of professionalism and excellence, we have continued to augment the number of satisfied customers across India.

Comprising a dedicated team of design engineers and a proficient production team, and through years of expertise in the Panel manufacturing business, Peaton pushes the technical boundaries to drive the production process to a whole new level.

Apart from past certifications from reputed testing labs like CPRI & ERDA, our Panel boards are now tested up to 6300 Amperes for 100 kA and IP-65 degree of protection while adhering to the latest IS & IEC codes.

We are also the top-tier Unitized Substation Manufacturers & Suppliers in Gujarat.

Contact us today to address your needs for an energy-efficient & cost-effective electrical power distribution solution.

With quality Panels, Unitized Substations, Busducts & prompt services, we strive to acquire great credibility amongst Indian as well as International clientele & offer professional turnkey solutions for Electrical Panel systems.


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Unitized Substations

We successfully achieved the highest-level clientele satisfaction through advanced Unitized Substations & end-to-end keys with services.

Medium Voltage Panels

Our industrial portfolio for offering MV Panels shouts out loud our infrastructure, utility, reliability and convenience.

Low Voltage Panels

We deliver high-end quality and never compromise with power materials to save rapid time and cost. We offer quality over quantity!

Sandwich Type Compact Busways

Our products undergo tried & tested methods to verify with the highest impact protection and increase dynamic load capacity.

APFCR Panels

All products are 100% assured and enclosure with the highest dormant load capacity as we customize the design to make flexible & scalable APFCR panels.

More than 15 Years of Experience

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Staffs across India
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International Markets Served
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WHY CHOOSE US? A Choice That Creates The Difference

Sense Of Creativity

We bring our diverse background of rendering pioneering technology with automated solutions to work for your Organization.

Treasured Pricing

We are Adept at offering industrial electrical solutions at competitive prices – no more unexpected expenses or surprise bills!

Experts Only Service

Our company comprises of industry specialists that hail from electrical & technical background & we ensure our first-class support system never gets derailed.

Revolutionary Designs

We engineer innovative, out-of-ordinary designs and user-friendly systems that enrich the core strength of our alliance.


Looking for CPRI approved M.V. and L.T. Panel manufacturing company in India?


With a history of successful project implementation, consistency and unmatched professionalism, we can assert our name as India’s leading M.V. and L.T. panel board manufacturers. Over the years, we have systematically built our brand by meeting the needs of several well-known public and private sector organizations through our comprehensive product line.

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